Defining Custom Upholstery Furnishings


So, what is considered custom & what is not? Basically any furnishings sold through large chains offering their own brand or the ones offering multiple brands under one roof can be considered “as is” or not custom. For example, a sofa or sectional offered by one of the large furniture chains do not differ from one store to the next. The only thing that may change is the fabric, but even then it is a basic less expensive fabric no matter what color pallet offered that you have no say=so in. Some larger, more quality furniture manufacturers offer a “custom” option that lets you pick the fabric, finish and if you are lucky, seat & back foam options. Granted, this is more than the others can offer, however, the expense may be too exuberant giving the nature of the “custom” work that would be put into such options…

At CSI-Montage, our definition of custom upholstery furnishings can range from fabric choice all the way to producing a totally unique piece of furniture based on our clients own design(s). As an example: say one of our clients likes our #3500 sofa, however, it needs to fit their clients tastes.   After a COM fabric is selected, welt added above a two inch wooden base rail, the width changed to 92” to accommodate an interior wall, loose cushions instead of a tight back system and a feather-down seat cushion up-grade this catalog sofa is now a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that will last for years. Now lets say that one of our clients has an inspiration photo, drawing or sketch of a new living room sectional in mind along with dimensions such as width, depth, height, seat height, arm height, seat depth and leg style/height. After our quote is given & they are ready to move forward, the sectional is a blank canvas. Options such as COM/COL material, seam selection, cushion fill material/layout, exposed wood stains/finishes, contrasting fabrics/welts, nail head trim options are all options that are on the table. You can be assured that there will not be another piece of furniture built the same. That is our definition of custom upholstery furnishings.

Please feel free to visit our on-line Designer catalog to imagine how one of our furnishings could look in your clients residence, office space, board room or even your own living room.

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