What allows CSI-Montage Galleries to stand apart from the crowd?

That is a very good question that I do not get asked often enough. The questions were asked of me last week while talking to a potential client. My response to them was “how much time do you have?” Hundreds of responses came to mind & for a second, I could not decide where to start.  My first response was simply “We are CSI-Montage”. Yes, it is a bit vague & possibly a bit arrogant of me to say this. And yes, I may be a bit bias on this subject; however, I do believe that we produce/manufacture some of the finest & luxurious upholstered furnishings available on the market today.

There are literally thousands of furniture companies competing against each other. Sure, you can break them down into furniture segments such as B2B (wholesale), retail, specialty, case goods, upholstery and the list can go on & on. In our “niche” in the furniture industry, I feel that we are one of the best at what we do.   And just to reassure you that I’m not just saying this because I own a stake in the company, I will give you some of the most important reasons why CSI-Montage goes above & beyond.


We offer over 50+ years of family owned & operated experience. Lenwood Upholster was started in Hickory, North Carolina in the mid-60’s as a reupholster shop by my Grand-Father. As the business grew so did our clients. We were contracted out by some of the largest furniture companies to provide upholstered components & seats. From there My Father started CSI-Montage Galleries in 1992, branching out to the designer markets producing contemporary seating & furniture design/development. . When I took over in 2000 we branched out exclusively to the Trade dealing primarily with commercial & residential Interior Designers/firms & high-end furniture stores nationwide. That’s three generations going strong & a fourth on the way. That concept also coincides to our family of employees, from our plant manager, upholsterers, fabric/foam cutters & sewers and our Master Frame Builder (my brother). You can rest assured that your new furnishings, designs & projects are in well qualified hands.


Our Standards in quality & comfort to rigidity & upholstery are set high.

We take great pride in every piece of furniture that comes through our plant.   Each order is handcrafted from start to finish. Whether you are ordering a catalog piece, are a part of our Private Label Program, or having a custom piece of furniture custom designed & built They all start from hand selected hardwoods. From frame design/development, foam fabrication, fabric cutting/sewing and is topped off with quality upholstering. No two orders are the same & that is what keeps us striving to manufacture quality upholstered furnishings at the highest of standards.


Customer Service that cuts out the middle man/woman. In 2009 we had to consolidate & do what we could in order to keep our doors open during the “Great Recession”. Our decision to part ways with our secretary was a hard hit & forced us to put on yet another hat. Over the next few years however, I came to enjoy answering every phone call, responding to emails & over-seeing our operations in the plant and in the office.   Our clients come second to none & deserve the respect that is due. At times it can be a bit over-whelming when we are in the middle of five or six projects, but the end results are well worth it. I think of it like this: When a client has a question, when a potential client wants to call in to get a feel for our company or even when vendors call to confirm specs on an order I am there to answer any & all questions without having to go through someone else.


I could keep going, but I do not want to give you a babbling blog… Please feel free to contact us if we can help you out in any way, and thank you for reading.


CSI-Montage Galleries



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