545 Counter & the 548 Bar stools

545 Counter & the 548 Bar stools:
    Designed to match the 540 dining side chair, the window-back stools offer style, comfort & durability.
* 545 Counter stool:  48″W x 19″D x 40″H  |  Seat Height: 24″
* 548 Bar Stool: 18″W x 19″D x 45″H  |  Seat Height: 29″
* Quality hardwood frame
* Commercial / residential use
* Commercial grade latex webbing seat support with 3.5 inches of quality foam for a comfortable seat
*double stitching (baseball) seams
* self-welt or optional nail trim around “window outback”Window back stool
* Made in Hickory, North Carolina

#090 Tray/trolley ottoman/coffee table

This beautifully hand-crafted trolley ottoman lends style & class to any room environment. Solid hardwood construction along with the powder-coated wrought iron “trolley” center rail/stretcher combines to give you an ottoman/coffee table that will stand up to the test of time, stunning looks & gives your client’s decor a functional design element.


Key Features:


  • 42”SQ x 19” high | 20”sq powder-coated wrought iron center tray
  • * The center can also be left finished, mirror/glass or the powder-coated wrought iron tray (as shown)
  • Customization by size, COM accepted at no extra cost, standard or custom matched wood finishes and we offer a wide array of powder-coat colors options as well.  Nail trim, welting & other options available as well.
  • 4 inch recess depth
  • mitered corners on the upholstered top
  • * Can be customized to your specs

New channel tufted, modern chaise lounge


#2630 Designer Chaise Lounge ( Shown in COM upholstery)
* Beautiful modern design
* Channel tufting on the in-arm & in-back
* Exposed maple hardwood wrap around wooden base
* Shown with a tight seat. Semi-attached & loose cushion options available
* Dimensions as shown: 32”W x 65”D x 28”H (Can be customized to meet your needs/specs)
* Quality components from frame to upholstery.  Made in Hickory, NC
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.

New Product Design

1075D dining: 24.5″W x 23.5″D x 30″H (Shown)

1075C Club: 28”W x 29D xx 32H

The 1075 chair group is offered in two standard sizes & can be customized to your specs if needed. The club/dining chair offers a stunning recessed wooden base that can be stained, painted or custom matched. The hardwood frame is doweled, glued & screwed which makes the chair rigid enough for commercial or residential use. We pad each chair with quality foams/ fiber that rest on-top of a high-grade latex webbing or a sinuous-loop spring system for superb comfort. We finish each chair off with hand crafted upholstery that brings each club or dining chair to life.

Key Features:

* Made in Hickory, North Carolina
* Quality hardwood frames
* Hand crafted from start to finish
* custom sizes available
* Custom stain & finishes for exposed wood

* Available in COM, COL at no extra charge

Please feel free to contact us for more information or if you have any questions.

CSI-Montage Galleries
* Commercial and/or Residential use20180330_094940

Hybrid-bulk ordering program

To our valued customers & dedicated clients,

Hybrid-bulk ordering blends customization & bulk pricing.
This offer is only valid to the industry Trade & offers flexibility along with savings.
From choosing fabrics and finishes along with optional design details on each product. Whether our designs or yours, CSI-Montage Galleries can help your company net a greater profit while allowing you the benefit. Our new program will also allow for quicker lead times by up-to 50%.

Most of our clients are not multi-million dollar corporations that can purchase quality upholstered furnishings in bulk. However, when you add up the orders & see that over the course of one year, many clients buy in bulk numbers.  For example, Client X orders four dining chairs that they have designed or chosen from one of our catalog dining chairs. They then place an order for 6(six) chairs two weeks later, then, a few weeks after that and so on until that number hits 24.  This may take a month, six months, or, up to one year to reach 24, 48 or more dining chairs.  Keep in mind that this is the same model dining chair, but each order has its own COM fabric, standard/custom finish and/or design options such as nail trim.  This is where our new program comes into play…

Our new system works like this…

1.  Place your bulk order.  Dining chairs, club chairs and bar/counter stools are offered in quantities of 24 or 48 units.  Sofas, sectionals, lounges, accent seating & ottomans are being offered in quantities of 5, 10, 25, and 50.  Please note that the number of units per order can be customized to fit/fulfill your ordering needs.

2.  Place a 50% deposit down on your order via check, bank issued payments or by credit card.  All frame components will be cut, bored, sanded & ready to be assembled, stained, and be ready for upholstery within a week or so as you place individual orders under the original bulk order invoice.

3.  When you have an order for said product, simply send us a PO outlining the quantity needed, the fabric, finish & any other design details.  Once the order is ready to ship, simply pay the balance due on that particular PO.  This process would repeat itself until all units on the original bulk order has been fulfilled & the remaining balance reaches $0.00.

We are offering this new hybrid-bulk purchasing option on most of our catalog pieces & custom designs as well.  We feel that the over-all ROI will greatly help our clients bottom line profits, also keeping the ETA of custom furniture down to the bear minimum. Giving your clients the key to design that will set them apart from the crowd. Please contact us to go over any details or questions you may have.

Thank you,
Dustin Woody

What allows CSI-Montage Galleries to stand apart from the crowd?

That is a very good question that I do not get asked often enough. The questions were asked of me last week while talking to a potential client. My response to them was “how much time do you have?” Hundreds of responses came to mind & for a second, I could not decide where to start.  My first response was simply “We are CSI-Montage”. Yes, it is a bit vague & possibly a bit arrogant of me to say this. And yes, I may be a bit bias on this subject; however, I do believe that we produce/manufacture some of the finest & luxurious upholstered furnishings available on the market today.

There are literally thousands of furniture companies competing against each other. Sure, you can break them down into furniture segments such as B2B (wholesale), retail, specialty, case goods, upholstery and the list can go on & on. In our “niche” in the furniture industry, I feel that we are one of the best at what we do.   And just to reassure you that I’m not just saying this because I own a stake in the company, I will give you some of the most important reasons why CSI-Montage goes above & beyond.


We offer over 50+ years of family owned & operated experience. Lenwood Upholster was started in Hickory, North Carolina in the mid-60’s as a reupholster shop by my Grand-Father. As the business grew so did our clients. We were contracted out by some of the largest furniture companies to provide upholstered components & seats. From there My Father started CSI-Montage Galleries in 1992, branching out to the designer markets producing contemporary seating & furniture design/development. . When I took over in 2000 we branched out exclusively to the Trade dealing primarily with commercial & residential Interior Designers/firms & high-end furniture stores nationwide. That’s three generations going strong & a fourth on the way. That concept also coincides to our family of employees, from our plant manager, upholsterers, fabric/foam cutters & sewers and our Master Frame Builder (my brother). You can rest assured that your new furnishings, designs & projects are in well qualified hands.


Our Standards in quality & comfort to rigidity & upholstery are set high.

We take great pride in every piece of furniture that comes through our plant.   Each order is handcrafted from start to finish. Whether you are ordering a catalog piece, are a part of our Private Label Program, or having a custom piece of furniture custom designed & built They all start from hand selected hardwoods. From frame design/development, foam fabrication, fabric cutting/sewing and is topped off with quality upholstering. No two orders are the same & that is what keeps us striving to manufacture quality upholstered furnishings at the highest of standards.


Customer Service that cuts out the middle man/woman. In 2009 we had to consolidate & do what we could in order to keep our doors open during the “Great Recession”. Our decision to part ways with our secretary was a hard hit & forced us to put on yet another hat. Over the next few years however, I came to enjoy answering every phone call, responding to emails & over-seeing our operations in the plant and in the office.   Our clients come second to none & deserve the respect that is due. At times it can be a bit over-whelming when we are in the middle of five or six projects, but the end results are well worth it. I think of it like this: When a client has a question, when a potential client wants to call in to get a feel for our company or even when vendors call to confirm specs on an order I am there to answer any & all questions without having to go through someone else.


I could keep going, but I do not want to give you a babbling blog… Please feel free to contact us if we can help you out in any way, and thank you for reading.


CSI-Montage Galleries


Custom Sofa Sectional for Christmas?

7500 sectional

That’s no problem at all, however, time is running out… Our standard lead time for most catalog furnishings is between four to six weeks. If ordering a catalog piece that you wish to have customized by altering the width, depth & other minor changes can also be shipped out in four to six weeks as well. Cataloged furnishings have frame, foam & fabric patterns & takes less time to manufacture.

Our lead times for a custom pieced of furniture such as a custom sofa sectional would be six to eight weeks all the way to eight to ten weeks depending on design specifications, material availability, and the design process varies form order to order. Pattern work & initial frame mock-up can take anywhere from two/three days to two/three weeks. Once approved, your new custom sofa sectional can go into production. Each order, weather custom or catalog, is “made-to-order” & starts by hand selecting the solid kiln-dried maple hardwood that will become the frame. We build all of our upholstery furnishings at our manufacturing plant that has been since my grand Father started us going in the mid 60’s.

Fortunately, there is still time to give your clients a quality, comfortable & handcrafted sofa sectional that will become a focal point of any living room, great room, den or family room for this Holiday season & many to follow.

Also, just in case your were wondering, yes, we offer more than just custom made to order sofas & sectionals that are handcrafted from start to finish using only quality components & topped of with luxurious upholstery. We offer traditional, contemporary, modern & custom upholstered furnishings such as ottomans, storage benches, bar & club stools/seating, dining room arm/side/host chairs, custom upholstered headboard/bed combinations & any other custom upholstery project that you can think of. And just as a side note, all of our furnishings can be used in any commercial or residential environment, COM fabrics are welcomed at no extra charge & we do not have a minimum order requirement.

Please feel free to contact us today to get started on you Holiday projects.

Thanks for reading. Please contact us if we can help you out in any way.

CSI-Montage Galleries                        Contact

Custom designed luxuriously handcrafted recessed tray ottoman/coffee table/cocktail table.  Featuring an 18”Sq. powder coated wrought iron center tray, beautifully finished exposed wooden legs, powder coated wrought iron accent rails/stretchers & is topped off with handcrafted upholstery.  Shown in COM upholstery & the dimensions are 40”Sq. x 19”H.  Can be customized to meet your sizing specs.
CSI-Montage Galleries
Ph: 828-322-8909

Custom designed luxuriously handcrafted recessed tray ottoman/coffee table/cocktail table.


So, what is considered custom & what is not? Basically any furnishings sold through large chains offering their own brand or the ones offering multiple brands under one roof can be considered “as is” or not custom. For example, a sofa or sectional offered by one of the large furniture chains do not differ from one store to the next. The only thing that may change is the fabric, but even then it is a basic less expensive fabric no matter what color pallet offered that you have no say=so in. Some larger, more quality furniture manufacturers offer a “custom” option that lets you pick the fabric, finish and if you are lucky, seat & back foam options. Granted, this is more than the others can offer, however, the expense may be too exuberant giving the nature of the “custom” work that would be put into such options…

At CSI-Montage, our definition of custom upholstery furnishings can range from fabric choice all the way to producing a totally unique piece of furniture based on our clients own design(s). As an example: say one of our clients likes our #3500 sofa, however, it needs to fit their clients tastes.   After a COM fabric is selected, welt added above a two inch wooden base rail, the width changed to 92” to accommodate an interior wall, loose cushions instead of a tight back system and a feather-down seat cushion up-grade this catalog sofa is now a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that will last for years. Now lets say that one of our clients has an inspiration photo, drawing or sketch of a new living room sectional in mind along with dimensions such as width, depth, height, seat height, arm height, seat depth and leg style/height. After our quote is given & they are ready to move forward, the sectional is a blank canvas. Options such as COM/COL material, seam selection, cushion fill material/layout, exposed wood stains/finishes, contrasting fabrics/welts, nail head trim options are all options that are on the table. You can be assured that there will not be another piece of furniture built the same. That is our definition of custom upholstery furnishings.

Please feel free to visit our on-line Designer catalog to imagine how one of our furnishings could look in your clients residence, office space, board room or even your own living room.

Thank you for reading,

CSI-Montage Galleries

Defining Custom Upholstery Furnishings

What are “Contract Furnishings”?

Contract furniture is nothing more than commercial furnishings that are usually manufactured in bulk quantities.  The term commercial furnishings casts a very large net, since CSI-Montage Galleries specializes in upholstery, we will focused in on that particular area.

Commercial seating is all around you & chances are you use it almost daily.  Waiting rooms of all types from a  doctor’s office to a lawyer’s office will have comfortable chairs, a sofa or two & possibly an ottoman. Restaurants, bars, and clubs are full of them.  From waiting benches, booth & dining chairs, bar stools and club chairs adorn them all.  Hotels & resorts complement their lobbies, concourse areas, and conference rooms with a variety of upholstered seating.  With sofas, sectionals, chairs & ottomans in high traffic areas, let’s not forget about the individual rooms.  Most hotel/resort rooms offer a living room environment offering a sofa/sleeper sofa, a chair or loveseat, and usually have two or more dining/office chairs around a table.  There are also commercial upholstery seating in a in places such as malls/shopping centers, movie theaters, beauty salons/boutiques, churches/places of worship, government building, colleges/schools and even your office break room.  CSI-Montage has manufactured, sold & installed furnishings to everyone of the industries listed above.


The term “contract furniture” was also synonymous with quality.  That is where the term “contract grade” came from.  Now days, you can tell the difference of quality seating just as soon as you set down.  For example: a solid seatboard with a thin foam top verses a seatboard with a routed center, latex webbed support & at least 2.5 inches of foam/fiber.  Which one would you rather be sitting in, waiting on the nurse to call your name?  Think about your favorite restaurant, are their booths/chairs comfortable, or are they stiff/rigid?  The term “contract grade” has really hit a crossroad in my opinion.  Where has the quality gone…


When we build commercial furnishings our main goal is to “beef” up the frame & spring system to ensure the piece can withstand the frequent use by persons of all shapes/sizes.  Foam is our next concern & this must be considered from many angles.  Higher density foam will give you more years of use, but may be a bit to firm for some applications.  Lower density foam will give you a softer seat, but may not hold up as long due to consistent usage.  One of the last steps in the manufacturing process is the fabric.  Depending on where the furniture is going & how it is going to be used has great impact on what type of fabric to use.  There are contract grade suede’s, woven prints, and coated vinyl’s just to name a few.  Wear ability of fabric is determined by the “double-rub” test.  A good contract fabric will at least pass a 30,000 to over 100,000 double-rubs.  When all of these factors are added together, you get a quality piece of furniture that will be a great ROI for your business, corporation or brand.


At CSI-Montage Galleries, we stress the quality of all of our furnishings.  The only difference between our contract & residential furnishings are the foam and the fabrics.  We build our frames to stand the test of time using quality hardwoods & other building materials.  Most of the fabrics we offer are both commercial & residential approved as well.  All of our furnishings are made here in Hickory, NC along with most of the materials that go into the manufacturing process.  We do not import frames & other materials, upholster them in the USA & call it “made in America”.


We encourage any & all commercial interior designers/decorators, hotel/resort purchasing agent/building managers, architects, local business owners and anyone in the hospitality trade to view our website to see how  our services can help meet the needs of your industry.  And as always, please feel free to contact us via phone, email or website forms if you have any questions or would like us to quote out a commercial bid for you.


Thank you for reading,

CSI-Montage Galleries