Why go it alone?Interior Designers & Decorators are there to help.

Whether you are doing a complete over-haul of your dining room, looking to switch up your living room or simply updating your Fourier furnishings: Going it alone can be a challenge. Most major renovations can cost anywhere from $10,000.00 to $50,000.00 depending on what you would like to have done. In our opinion, that is an investment & when you make large investments it is wise to consult someone with knowledge of that particular investment. In this case, an Interior Designer or Decorator is exactly what you need.

For our example, we are going to focus on a typical living room or family area within your home that you want to update. So, where do you start first? Just to list the essentials, wall treatments, flooring, window dressings, art/pictures, lighting, and furnishing. Each one to these categories can also be broke down into color pallets, textures, finishes fabrics and lets not forget about the quality.

We are going to focus on the furniture aspect only. Living room and/or family area rooms have furniture options ranging from traditional, casual, contemporary, modern & everywhere in-between. Once you figure which design motif you are looking for, there are literally hundreds of places to acquire your new furnishings. There is huge chain furniture stores that will offer up what they claim are great deals. You can search through dozens of small furniture stores that have limited stock & options available to you. You also have your “factory overstock” stores that offer hundreds of products in basic fabrics & styles. And let’s not forget about on-line furniture retail stores that usually offer nothing that you haven’t seen before.

After much research, hours of window shopping & countless encounters with sales clerks and you have found something you liked: Do you know how it is made, where it was made & the quality of the frame, foam, fabric and of the workmanship? Chances are that the sales clerk did not go over that at all.

Admittedly, I am a bit bias. At CSI-Montage Galleries, we handcraft each piece of furniture that is ordered. We start from scratch, hand build every frame out of quality hardwoods, we use locally made quality foams & our skilled craftsmen & women in our upholstery department are some of the best in the industry. And here is where Interior Designers and Decorators are an invaluable asset to have.

We work with Interior designers & Decorators on a daily basis. Whether we are working on a set of living room chairs ordered strait out of our catalog, or building a custom designed sofa sectional; It all starts with them. Interior Designers work closely with their clients to understand what they are looking for & present them with a whole range of options including furniture style, fabric color & patterns/textures, stains & finishes, seating/cushion options and let them make an informed decision.

Most, if not all, Interior Designers & Decorators we work with love what they do for a living. They thrive on creating one of a kind & unique room scapes that work for their clients. They are a wealth of information & knowledge concerning color pallets; design flow & can incorporate it all into any room.

We love hearing from our Interior Design clients about how one of our custom made sofa sectionals trilled their clients, how one of our ottomans fit perfectly into a design, and how glad they are to have a custom furniture manufacturer like CSI-Montage Galleries in order to make it all happen.

However, it is the other way round, without their expertise & hard work; we could not have the chance to create quality & luxurious custom furnishings. We strongly recommend that you don’t “Go it Alone” and partner up with a qualified Interior Designer or Decorator for any project you may need help with.

Please feel free to contact us if you need help finding an Interior Designer or Decorator, or if we can be of any assistance.

Thanks for reading,

CSI-Montage Galleries

FAQ Top 10

FAQ Top 10



  1. What do you mean by “Made to Order” custom furniture?

The term Made to Order is just that. We start each order from the ground up. That gives us the ability to custom size or modify one of our products in our catalog, or by creating a totally new piece of furniture based off of your specs & inspirations.


  1. How comfortable are your sofas & chairs?

Our combined experience in the furniture industry has given us an edge into seat comfort. Our standard seat cushions offer a 4 inch Ultra-Cell core, which is wrapped with a 1 inch foam and is then wrapped in a Dacron fiber. This option combined with our standard loop spring system offers a very soft, yet supportive seat. The 1 inch foam wrap can be very soft all the way to firm, depending on your preference. Our standard backs are foam/fiber fill which will give you years of relaxation. We also offer 8 way hand tied spring systems in most sofas, sectionals & living room chairs. Feather-down blankets on the seat cushion cores along with a 70/30 feather fill in our backs offer support comfort. The gold standard for seats is our inner-spring feather down seat cushions.


  1. What are your fabric options?

We offer quality designer residential & contract grade fabrics from Robert Allen & Deacken Hill. They have a great website & offer hundreds of quality upholstery grade fabrics in many of the hottest trends & materials. We also offer contract & residential micro-fiber suede, Nauga faux leathers & contract fabrics from Birch Fabrics. We accept COM fabric at no extra charge & COL leather at a 18% up charge.


  1. How do you ship?

We have multiple carriers that offer white-glove installation, curb side drop off & business-to-business delivery’s. We try to stick with carriers that haul furniture only, however, we can ship via UPS & FedEx Freight if needed. We do not include shipping charges in with any order. We can give you an estimate & a finalized quote when your new furniture is ready to ship out. You also do not pay us, you pay the shipping company directly. This saves you over $100.00+ in shipping costs.


  1. Do you sell to the public?

We have a variety of products for sale on Houzz.com. We cater to the trade. Interior Designers & Decorators, architects, commercial builders/planners & furniture retail stores nationwide.  Please contact us for more information.


  1. Where are your furnishings made?

We produce all of our furnishings in Hickory, North Carolina. The materials used in the fabrication of our furnishings are also manufactured locally as well. We build all of our furniture the way it was constructed over half a century ago. We do not CNC any portion of our frames, foam or fabrics.


  1. What are some trim options that you offer?

We offer welt lines in the fabric of your choosing. We can attach any trim cording that is purchased. We offer nail trim or brass nail trim & have over 155+ finishes to choose from. We can also hand tuft certain items. Please call us with any questions.


  1. Please explain your Private Label Program.

We offer this program to our clients that want to build their brand by offering them the ability to become the “manufacturer”. We put you in contact with a custom deck label printer to incorporate your logo & contact info into every piece of furniture that is ordered from us. CSI-Montage Galleries will not appear on any packaging or paperwork going to your clients.


  1. What are your lead times?

Lead times vary from order to order. A custom sectional may take 6 to 8 weeks while an ottoman from our catalog may take only 3 to 5 weeks. If we have the patterns, it takes less time to produce than a piece that we will need to draw out & design. Please contact us if you have any questions.


  1. How can I place an order or set up an account with CSI-Montage Galleries?

We do not have a minimum order or annual sales goal in order to do business.  Simply give us a call, shoot us an email or even message us through Face book & we can get the ball rolling.


Thanks for reading.                 Visit us at www.MontageGalleries.com or e-mail us at Info@MontageGalleries.com with any questions you may have.