Hybrid-bulk ordering program

To our valued customers & dedicated clients,

Hybrid-bulk ordering blends customization & bulk pricing.
This offer is only valid to the industry Trade & offers flexibility along with savings.
From choosing fabrics and finishes along with optional design details on each product. Whether our designs or yours, CSI-Montage Galleries can help your company net a greater profit while allowing you the benefit. Our new program will also allow for quicker lead times by up-to 50%.

Most of our clients are not multi-million dollar corporations that can purchase quality upholstered furnishings in bulk. However, when you add up the orders & see that over the course of one year, many clients buy in bulk numbers.  For example, Client X orders four dining chairs that they have designed or chosen from one of our catalog dining chairs. They then place an order for 6(six) chairs two weeks later, then, a few weeks after that and so on until that number hits 24.  This may take a month, six months, or, up to one year to reach 24, 48 or more dining chairs.  Keep in mind that this is the same model dining chair, but each order has its own COM fabric, standard/custom finish and/or design options such as nail trim.  This is where our new program comes into play…

Our new system works like this…

1.  Place your bulk order.  Dining chairs, club chairs and bar/counter stools are offered in quantities of 24 or 48 units.  Sofas, sectionals, lounges, accent seating & ottomans are being offered in quantities of 5, 10, 25, and 50.  Please note that the number of units per order can be customized to fit/fulfill your ordering needs.

2.  Place a 50% deposit down on your order via check, bank issued payments or by credit card.  All frame components will be cut, bored, sanded & ready to be assembled, stained, and be ready for upholstery within a week or so as you place individual orders under the original bulk order invoice.

3.  When you have an order for said product, simply send us a PO outlining the quantity needed, the fabric, finish & any other design details.  Once the order is ready to ship, simply pay the balance due on that particular PO.  This process would repeat itself until all units on the original bulk order has been fulfilled & the remaining balance reaches $0.00.

We are offering this new hybrid-bulk purchasing option on most of our catalog pieces & custom designs as well.  We feel that the over-all ROI will greatly help our clients bottom line profits, also keeping the ETA of custom furniture down to the bear minimum. Giving your clients the key to design that will set them apart from the crowd. Please contact us to go over any details or questions you may have.

Thank you,
Dustin Woody